VSim [a racing-simulator by vell001]

This is my first project about Racing. I am a Chinese with bad English, and today is my first time to use English to write a post, Sorry for my bad Engilsh first…

I start my project from last year(2013). I am learning from RacingMat, here is his project:Finished 2DOF 12V DC wiper arduino playseat. Thank RacingMat very much!
My project is in progressing, I will update for every detail I finished.

###Control Part
I am using two 12V DC truck wiper motors, bought in taobao;
The controller is Arduino Uno, and the motor driver is MotoMonster(I don’t do any advertising, this is an only one MotoMonster-driver I can find in taobao, I have no choice, so bought this one. Please give me a message if you find anthor driver, my email:vell001@qq.com, thanks.

Here are some pictures:


Something I bought in taobao


My arduino board, made in China.(*^_^*)

motor driver
motor driver
motor driver

My motor-driver [MotoMonster], It’s very suit for arduino uno.


My power supply, 12V 30A, look very nice. But the shopkeeper didn’t give me a wire,
so sad for me. I am just a university student, have nothing can use for my project in my dormitory. So I broke my socket only for a wire, bad idea…but I don’t have another idea


At first glance, it was bigger and much more powerful than I imagined. Out of curiousity, I splited it, its structure is very simple.

All parts of controller are ready, it’s time to put all parts together.


Who can guess what kind of wire I am using? Yes, I am using Ethernet Cable. I have unpacked 3m Ethernet Cable. Ethernet Cable is a bit hard.


I bought those potentiometers from e-market, 10K Ohm. Using those potentiometers and my two motors to DIY two SERVO.

Put circuit diagram here:

My controller’s first test video:

###Seat Part
Yesterday, I bought 12m steel cube. Today I want to get a second-hand cardan.

2014/3/9 13:24:57

I was not so lucky, I didn’t find a street scrap. I asked a hostess of a garage for a new cardan, her price was so higher than my price that I expected. Then, I went back, and bought in taobao.


The cardan’s size is 20*32*85 mm; and zhe joint bearing is M5 internal thread.

I still need some screws, some rebar, and a seat; Most importent thing is an electric welding machine! Good Luck to myself…

2014/3/9 17:42:37

Yesterday, I had finish Steel Skeleton of my simulator, I’ll put some picture here later.
I am so unlucky today. In the morning, I tried to fix my two motor on the bottom support, but I have failed. In the afternoon, I fixed my two motor and two Support Bar, I just want to conect all the controller part and adjust some detail, but something wrong with my Driver-Broad, when I turn on power support, before long, I smelled a burning smell, I saw a Audion just had burned on the driver board. Then, I could adjust one potentiometer and all motor run. Bad luck!!! I’ll buy a new driver for my two motors

2014/3/15 23:30:21

I received my new MotorDriver today, I will forget MotoMonster-Driver


Look good, I’ll test it tomorrow

I rewrited all codes and redesigned wiring diagram, I’ll put my codes here later, here is my own diagram:


designed with Photoshop

2014/3/18 22:16:05

I used MonsterDriver back, because the new driver have a big flaw. When my arduino poweroff or reboot, the driver’s PWM pin will read some wrong data, and supply power to my motor, then it’s will damage all my design.

I’ll talk about some details later. I want to put my test video here now:

2014/3/21 23:37:42

Today is a dark day for me. My MonsterDriver was completely broken! Bad Luck~ It’s my mistake, last time I found my motor’s power wire is connected to it’s shell. When I powered MonsterDriver on, just like ShortCircuit, my MonsterDriver was burned(not completely broken). And then I thinked I had solved this problem, I fixed my motor on a wood board. I was too careless, I didn’t notice that my two motor connected together through the upper frame!!!This time my MonsterDriver was completely broken! I don’t know why that my MonsterDriver only supply a positive voltage, in other words, the motor only can go forward. Very Very Sad!!! I must be more careful in future.

Some good news, I got a second hand seat, and finished all installations of the upper frame, In other words, my simulator just leaves the matter of the motor driver module.
2014-03-26 22:21:24

Last sunday, I finished my VSIM project. It’s amazing for me, although looks a bit ugly. This is my test video:

I am using my third MotorDriver, I am busy now, I’ll update more detail later
2014-04-02 20:55:24

Today I want to update some detail of this project. I have finished this project about a month ago.

Add some more picture:

My universal joint

I use the two big screw connect the universal joint

Support bar, two screw welded together, the first version, than I make this more strong

The second version

My pattener~~~

Two motor

Motor fixed on the base

Motor’s decomposition picture

My third MotorDriver, it’s smaller than my second MotorDriver, and powerful. I like it

My arduino uno controller